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BYOD for 2018

2018 sees the second year of compulsory Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Wirreanda Secondary School. Each school day, all students are expected to have a device to learn with in every lesson.


Having a BYOD programme at Wirreanda Secondary School is vital to the development of the school. The full reasoning behind the 2017 move can be explored in this document: why-byod

Need to buy a device?

For the 2017 academic year, we worked closely with Harvey Norman Business and Education to provide opportunities to purchase a device for BYOD online. However, we have listened to feedback from parents and students which has led to changes for 2018. There will no longer be any devices offered online through Harvey Norman Business & Education. Instead, we have worked with Harvey Norman Noarlunga store. They are offering a discounted laptop that offers good value and a specification ideal for school needs.

Acer Swift SF114-31-P1BS 14″ Laptop for $488

Remember, this device is ONLY available at this price in Harvey Norman at Noarlunga store. 

You can ask to see this device at Harvey Norman, Noarlunga right now.

In-store Product Care

Each laptop comes with only a 12 month warranty. We recommend at least an extra 2 years of Product Care is purchased. That will mean 3 years of cover for the device with any issues dealt with directly by the store within approximately 5 business days.

Finance Options

Interest Free Finance and Flexirent applications are available.

Already have a device?

If you have already have a device that you intend to bring to school then come and try it out on our network asap.

Need help/advice?

We recognise that this can be a confusing issue to deal with for some parents and caregivers. Hence, we urge you to contact us if you are unsure of anything in relation to BYOD. We also realise that some families may struggle financially to equip their son/daughter with a device. Again, early communication with the school is key to solving this issue.

Further information is available on the school website on the BYOD link. All communication regarding BYOD should be directed to Nick Jackson, Senior Leader, by email or by phoning the school.

Please note that WSS makes no requirement that to purchase a BYOD device from Harvey Norman or to purchase the device detailed above. The WSS BYOD scheme stipulates only that students have a device that meets the minimum specification requirements:Windows Laptops: Operating System  – Windows 7 or above; Screen size – at least 11”; Battery life – at least 8 hours; RAM – 4GB minimum; HDD  – 128GB or larger; CPU – i3 or above; Network – 802.11ac 2×2 MIMO wireless network cards; Anti Virus – Windows Defender or equivalent. Macbooks or MacBook Airs: Operating system – OS X Yosemite v10.10 or newer.


Many of the Frequently asked Questions are answered in this comprehensive document: faqswirreandahighschoolbyodprogram2017

Acceptable Use of ICT 

All students and parents/care givers are obligated to read the Acceptable Use of ICT policy in advance of signing the Agreement of the Acceptable Use of ICT Policy. Both the policy and the agreement form are provided below.

acceptable use of ICT

agreement-for-aup Neals
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