Transport and Bus Route to Wirreanda Secondary School Wirreanda Secondary School
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Public Transport

School Bus P
For Reynella East High School) departs Noarlunga Centre at 8.05 am arriving at Wirreanda Secondary School Bus stop on States Road at 8.28 am.

School Bus D
Returns each afternoon departing Wirreanda at 3.20 pm (M,W,Th,F) & 3.00 pm (Tu).

A Southlink bus (route 722) passes the school grounds bringing students from areas to the North and South of the school and from Noarlunga Centre.

The bus stops on South Road, along route 721, are within 400 metres of the school.

Route 723 provides access from Flaxmill and Wheatsheaf Roads while route 733 services Woodcroft.

Updated and current information is available from Adelaide Metro. Neals
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