Wirreanda Unit at Wirreanda Secondary School Wirreanda Secondary School
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Wirreanda Unit

Wirreanda Unit is a place of learning and development for up to 20 high school students with disabilities. Since our establishment in 2012 we have become an integral part of the Wirreanda Secondary School community.

Currently we have 19 students shared between 2 classes, with 2 teaching staff, 2 SSOs and a Coordinator. Our focus is to provide a nurturing, supportive and inclusive learning environment for our students and their families. We value the role of our families as integral partners in our students learning journey as they develop independence and prepare for post school life.

Our students engage in individualised programs, developed to enhance their skills in literacy and numeracy and provide them with skills essential to leading productive and fulfilling lives beyond school.  We foster the development of friendships and encourage and support integration with main stream students and staff through specialised programs.

For further information please contact the school on 8329 7200.

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