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2015 Sports Awards

Fri 18 Dec 2015

Sports Achievement was recognised on Wednesday December 9th at our Year 8 to 11 Presentation Evening.  We congratulate the following athletes:


State Indoor Netball: Brooklyn 8C, Kara 8E, Karina 9F & Mykala 8F (MVP)

State Rugby: Liam 8D, Costa 9A & Jake 10B (MVP)

State Soccer: Domenic 8D, Ophir 8D, Sam 10D, Luke 10F & Joey 10B (MVP)

State Indoor Cricket : Josh 9E

State Football Girls: Layla 9D

State BMX: Sophie 10F

Athletics MVP: Dane 8A

Basketball MVP: Jaiden 10F

Dance MVP: Laura 10D

Sport Service: Jake 11A

Year 8 Female SSC: Mykala 8F

Year 8 Male SSC: Christopher 8A

Year 9 Female SSC: Zoe 9F

Year 9 Male SSC: Costa 9A

Year 10 Female SSC: Zara 10A

Year 10 Male and Overall SSC: Jake 10B

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