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SSC Program Information

The Specialist Sport Course at Wirreanda Secondary School has been established to assist talented student athletes to achieve at the highest levels of performance in their chosen sport and to help develop their educational, emotional and social wellbeing.  The program also provides structures and processes to support students accessing a range of post-school options.


Background:  Specialist Sport Course at Wirreanda Secondary School

Wirreanda has a long history of successful involvement in sport, establishing the Specialist Sport Course (in South Australia) in 1980.  The school recognises the value of health, sport and physical education as an integral part of students’ development and growth.

In acknowledgement of this involvement, Wirreanda was chosen as the first South Australian Specialist Physical Education & Sport School in 1996.  The school has now developed a top class, comprehensive program aimed at adding value to the experience students’ gain at their respective clubs. We have also established supportive relationships with State and community sporting organisations to increase the profile and quality of physical education and sport activities for the students. Neals
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