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Student Voice

Student Voice at Wirreanda Secondary School is about valuing and encouraging students to be actively involved in their school community. This includes being a critical part of decision making and being supported to bring plans and ideas into action.  Our students are encouraged to create opportunities for themselves and others, organise and participate in a range of extra-curricular activities, assisted to embrace leadership opportunities and share their ideas, perspectives and concerns in forums shared with peers, staff, parents and the wider community.

To get involved, be sure to check our news updates, notice boards and Daymap.

Student Captains 2018

School Captain – Chloe O’Reilly
I love being outdoors and I am really passionate about helping others. My vision is to create a more inclusive environment within our school community as I believe that every one of our students should have a voice.

School Captain – Casie Coombe
I am very passionate about sports and being outdoors. My vision for this year is to increase school pride, I want more students to feel proud to be a part of Wirreanda Secondary School, as much as I am. I plan to create more opportunities for students to be involved in events and activities, like competitions and days such as ‘Walk A Mile’.

House Captains 2018






Red House Captain –  Brianna Dewar
One of my priorities as a Student Leader is to make sure that everyone feels included and enjoys their time at Wirreanda Secondary School. My passion is music.

Red House Captain – Mathew Bruniges
I am interested in sports, especially football and athletics, and I am planning to help create better Red House pride by having more house-related activities and competitions (not just sports!).

Yellow House Captain – Molly Turnbull
I can’t wait to create a new, vibrant school environment where everyone can feel safe, comfortable and, most of all, have fun. I enjoy helping people, meeting new people and having fun.

Yellow House Captain – Kalvyn Sirilan
As Yellow House Captain, I aim to achieve a stronger sense of house culture that involves pride, respect and honesty, and not just for Sports Day but for the whole year around.

Green House Captain – Costa Haratsaris 
I am hoping to create a more united and involved environment throughout the year levels. I love being outdoors and also have a great passion for all things sport.

Green House Captain – Mohit (Eddy) Khanna 
I have a great interest in sports and martial arts, especially cricket and taekwondo. My main priority is to create a healthy environment for all of the current and future students, so they will able to excel in their chosen paths and to strengthen school culture.

This leadership group will be involved in a range of responsibilities over the year, none more important than the connection and voice they provide to our school community and their student body.

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