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Year 8 & 9


The curriculum at year 8 & 9 is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated planned to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum. All our students have equal access to the curriculum which incorporates English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Business and Enterprise and Civics and Citizenship, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Art, Drama, Health and Home Economics. As a specialist sports school, we also offer a program accessed through application for potential athlete development and specialisation.

Our curriculum at Year 8 is unique and designed to build skills and understandings through an interdisciplinary approach, where the lines between subjects is blurred and students experience learning in authentic ways. For more information please see “PBL Explained” below.

Year 8 PBL Explained

Assessing progress and achievement

Assessment takes place in all subjects continuously throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to play an active part in the assessment of their work and take pride in their achievements. Students are given many opportunities to reflect on their learning and, with the help of their teachers, we hope to encourage our students to develop a belief in their academic achievement. We are working to develop further opportunities to both engage and keep parents well informed of their child’s progress. Each child receives 4 reports per year with progress reports provided in terms 1 and 3 and semester reports provided in terms 2 and 4. Parents and families are encouraged to come and discuss their child’s progress at parent and teacher conference evenings.

Curriculum enrichment

We are working to provide creative links between different subjects in the curriculum and utilise the amazing facilities we have at Wirreanda Secondary School as well as opportunities for staff to work together. Our middle school students have opportunities to produce and create a wide range of projects utilising modern technologies and networks. The Learning Hub space provides dynamic facilities for our students to work together or independently to create media and publish works for a global audience.

Learning Support for Students

Learning does not come easily for all students and our school provides support in multiple ways for those who need further guidance. This can be accomplished in multiple ways;

  • in class differentiated programs and learning experiences
  • after school study support for literacy and numeracy on Wednesdays
  • specific intervention over a short period provided by specialised staff in the Inclusive Ed Room
  • specific intervention over longer periods by specialised staff in the Inclusive Ed Room

Students with One Plans or whom show talents in curriculum areas are provided with specialised support led by our Inclusive Learning Support Leader and a team of specialised staff to provide and support learning opportunities which meet the needs of each student. Neals IES
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