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Tips for Parenting Online

The following information was compiled from ‘Keeping safe in cybersafe’ run by the South Australia Association of School Parents Clubs (SAASPC) and a professional development session run by Australian Communications and Media Authority, both in 2015 .

Technology and being online are a major part of mosts of peoples’ lives. These are exciting times but it is important for us all to remember:

Being responsible citizens includes responsible use of technology

You are a parent in real life AND online. You have the responsibility to know what your child is doing online. This is best done by:

  • Using parental controls
  • Monitoring ALL devices students use
  • NOT allowing use of devices in private areas of the house (e.g bedroom)
  • Trying out sites/apps before you let your children use them

Some of the issues to be aware of are:


Legally, to be cyberbullying, it must be repeated behaviour (incessant, ongoing). This is a criminal offence in every state in Australia.

Sexting (sending sexually explicit messages)

Sexting Includes messages and images. It can be sent by phone or by computer. SA law says person must be under 16 but Commonwealth law says under 18. Criminal charges can be brought under child pornography laws.

Talk to your son/daughter about how images can so easily fall into the wrong hands and THEY DO NOT GO AWAY.

Recommended resources for parents: Current sites/apps that are causing concern for parents, schools and the police: Meow Chat, Tinder
Chatterbox, (for review of parental controls) Kik (this is 17+), Omegle (this is 18+)


Useful cyber safety websites for further information and advice:



To report something or just to get some advice, look for this button.



While we endeavour to keep this information up-to-date and accurate, the links provided and the information they provide are not the responsibility of the school Neals IES
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