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Inclusive Learning

We are  committed to providing safe, supportive and inclusive learning environments that provide educational opportunities for all students at Wirreanda Secondary School. This means building school communities where:

  • all students feel a strong sense of belonging
  • all students learn to interact respectfully with others
  • all students learn to understand and appreciate diversity, and
  • all families are valued as partners in providing information and expertise about their child and are encouraged to play an active role in their learning.

Wirreanda Secondary School staff work together with families to plan and implement One Plans for identified students, building on each student’s strengths where appropriate. Classroom teachers are flexible in their use of differentiated strategies in teaching and assessment to accommodate the diverse learning styles of our students.

Support is designed to meet the needs of each student and endeavours to be sensitive to issues of self esteem, as well as the need to minimise disruption to the classroom learning program. Inclusive Learning Staff work with subject teachers to provide resources and to support students in class. Some arrangements may include short individual or small group sessions, providing supportive digital aids, individual literacy and numeracy programs including Multi-Lit.

Support in Senior School focuses on appropriate subject selection, combined with VET and other pathways programs including links with the Southern Transition Network.

For further information please contact our Inclusive Learning Leader Ashleigh Golding. 
Phone: (08) 8329 7200 (via school reception) Neals IES
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