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Wirreanda Adaptive Vocational Education (WAVE)

The WAVE Program is an alternative pathways program for students that have  disengaged from mainstream schooling. WAVE engages students through an individualised approach, which includes specialised case management. This allows for identification of students’ goals and interests, and consideration of any barriers they may  be facing. Programs are individually tailored to facilitate relevant, accredited ‘learning and earning’ pathways.

The WAVE program is located on the grounds of Wirreanda Secondary School in classrooms, which are separate from the mainstream school. To be eligible for the WAVE program the young person must be 16 years or older and enrolled as a Flexible Learning Option (FLO) student at the beginning of the year. 

What is FLO? 


FLO is a Department for Education enrolment strategy to successfully engage and retain identified students in secondary schools. FLO provides secondary schools with learning resource funding options to enable disengaged or disengaging young people to re-engage with learning and earning pathways. 

A FLO enrolment allows the WAVE Program to provide students with individualised case management and a learning program through a Flexible Learning Transition  Plan (FLTP). Referrals to WAVE are predominantly made through Wirreanda  Secondary School, with a limited number of places available for external referrals. 

To enrol in the WAVE program the young person and their parent/caregiver must attend an interview with WAVE Staff. An agreement, which specifies the expectations of the course, must be signed prior to entry into the program. 

Learner Wellbeing 

Learner Wellbeing is a primary focus of the WAVE program. Many students have had negative experiences and mental health concerns, which have impacted their ability to achieve success at school. WAVE supports students with their wellbeing by  providing: 

  • Individual case management 
  • Access to school based psychologists, and referrals to external services
  • Specialised curriculum which teaches students to improve their resilience, and reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Small class sizes  
  • One-on-one support 
  • The opportunity to participate in wellbeing activities, extracurricular activities, excursions and events that promote health and wellbeing

Benefits of WAVE Program:

  • The centre is run using an adult and independent model of operation, which provides more flexibility for students 
  • Adjustable and flexible SACE subject & course choices (school and/or Registered Training Organisations – RTO based) 
  • Students have access to Case Managers from Relationships Australia  South Australia (RASA) 
  • Availability of specialised Literacy and Numeracy Intervention Programs
  • Additional support for subject and course completion 
  • Support with RTO’s – course selections applications and tutoring
  • Support with resumes, portfolios, cover letters, letters for job applications, interview skills and job search training 
  • Monitoring and help from staff; all aiming to keep the student on track and experience success at school 
  • Support for parent/caregivers in relation to students 
  • School fee reduction 

SACE Accreditation and Certificate Courses

Each student negotiates an individual timetable, which may include a combination of  school based subjects and external certificate courses. Students can access WAVE  facilities 5 days a week. 

Students within the WAVE program will have the opportunity to complete their SACE  through access to: 

  • Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan (PLP) 
  • Stage 1 Essential Maths 
  • Stage 1 Essential English 
  • Stage 1 or 2 Community Studies 
  • Stage 2 Research Project 
  • Stage 1 Integrated Learning  
  • Some Stage 1 and 2 Mainstream subjects 
  • VET courses (Certificate I to IV) 
  • Short courses (First Aid, Barista, White Card)
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award 

Elective Programs

A choice of engaging, high interest electives are available providing the opportunity for  young people to develop skills and connect with others. These include Bake It, Play Listen and Create.

Staff and Case Management

Students benefit from close contact with a diverse range of skilled staff including teachers, RTO trainers, tutors, mentors, Case Managers from RASA, health workers  and guest speakers. 

All WAVE participants are provided with opportunities to discuss any problems and  issues they may face in their lives. Case Management / Mentoring will be an integral part of each WAVE student’s learning program. 

Employment Assistance 

WAVE staff engage individually with students to help young people gain the skills to obtain work experience, apprenticeships, traineeships and part time or fulltime  employment. Outcomes will be enhanced by students developing skills in: 

  • Goal setting 
  • Resume and job application writing
  •  Approaching employers 
  • Job search skills 
  • Communication
  • Interview preparation
  • Personal presentation

Work Placement / School Based Apprenticeship / Part Time Employment

WAVE participants are encouraged to engage in one or more of the following: 

  • Work Placement for their Vocational Education Training (VET) course
  • An Australian School Based Apprenticeship 
  • Part time employment 
  • Volunteer work 
  • Work experience 

Each of these can be used to gain SACE accreditation

Inclusivity and Awareness Days

WAVE respect and value all students. Awareness days are utilised to educate young people about issues of personal and community importance. This includes IDAHOBIT,  Wear It Purple, Are You OK? days and celebrating Reconciliation and NAIDOC Week.

The Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program provides young people with opportunities to improve  employability and social skills through giving back to the community. Connections  with a range of charities and organisations have been developed to enable young  people to “shine” while making valuable community connections. 

WAVE Student Voice

Student input is encouraged through online surveys and student forums. Student opinions are gathered and taken into consideration for future planning and improvements to the WAVE Program.

WAVE Facility Dog

The WAVE Program at Wirreanda Secondary School are fortunate to have Iris the Facility Dog as part of their team. In partnership with Guide Dogs SA/NT, Iris will be  working with students on their physical and emotional wellbeing, social development and learning enhancement. Iris has undertaken intensive training with Guide Dogs SA/NT to take on this role and has shown to be a great companion for students within the program.


For further information, please contact:

Kerry Thomas 
WAVE Administration Officer
Phone: 8329 7253 
Rose Irving
WAVE Coordinator
Phone: 8329 7253
Email: Rose.Irving601@schools.sa.edu.au

Paul Sherman
Senior Leader
Phone: 8329 7253
Email: Paul.Sherman728@schools.sa.edu.au

To express interest in the program, please complete an expression of interest form below and email or post to our school, attention Kerry Thomas.

Expression of Interest

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