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Student Enrolment

Starting Year 7 or 8

In 2021, both year 6 and year 7 students will be applying for and enrolling in secondary schools to start in 2022. If you wish to enrol at Wirreanda Secondary School as a year 7 or 8, we provide several transition experiences in collaboration with local primary schools. We also welcome you to the Open Night (held late in Term 1) or to arrange a tour so that you can see the school in person!

For more information and to register your child’s interest for starting high school visit: 

Specialist Sports Course

Our Special Entry Sports program is competitive, with select entry through a comprehensive application and trial process. Limited places are available in this each year. This selection process is held early in the year, with further information available here.

School Transfers

If you are considering applying to move to Wirreanda Secondary School from another high school, please follow the process below:

Complete a Prospective Enrolment Learner Profile (PELP) for the prospective new student. This is a google form used to gather information about the young person as part of the initial enquiry. We encourage you to complete this with the prospective student.

Once the Prospective Enrolment Learner Profile has been created and submitted via the Google Form, please wait for the Team Leader of Enrolments to contact you via phone regarding the next steps in the enrolment process.

Please note that Enrolment meetings occur on Mondays through to Wednesday and your young person will begin their first official day at Wirreanda Secondary School on Monday, following the enrolment meeting (or Tuesday if public holiday). This is to ensure that new students’ transferring to Wirreanda Secondary School are set up for success and supported during their transition.

Enrolments for out of zone students cannot be assured based on current enrolment pressures.

If you require assistance, please contact us via school reception on (08) 8329 7200.

Click the following link to complete the form: Prospective Enrolment Learner Profile Form

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