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Attendance Policy

Regular attendance is essential to ensure engagement and success that will lead to a solid foundation for our students’ future. Attendance is a shared responsibility between parents/caregivers and school.

Every child of compulsory school age (until the age of 17) is required to be enrolled at an educational institution and must attend on every day that instruction is provided. Although there is no legal requirement for post compulsory aged learners to be enrolled, there is an expectation that once enrolled learners will attend on a regular basis.

As a school we are required to monitor student attendance and follow up on any unsatisfactory or unexplained absences. It is important to keep in mind that repeated absences and lateness are not in the best interests of any student (whether under compulsion or over compulsion), and that we must remain alert for patterns of absences or lateness.

Early identification and intervention of non-attenders or irregular attendance is proven to improve student learning outcomes and we encourage families to utilise DayMap in the near future with the Parent Portal to access attendance information.

For further information, please refer to our Attendance Policy.

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