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Year 11

Senior School is an exciting and unique time for students attending Wirreanda Secondary School. Senior School Students are increasingly accountable for their learning experiences and have a greater ability to design and influence their learning program through subject selection, VET courses, and extracurricular activities.
At Wirreanda Secondary School, Year 11 students are a core group within our Senior School and are seen as leaders with the school community. Year 11 is the penultimate (second to last) year of schooling for our students and is a time during which they will begin to intentionally focus on the skills and subjects that most interest them and complement their future pathways.


Senior School Assistant Principal

Stacey Bartlett

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Senior School Green House Leader

Lauren Smith

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Senior School Yellow House Leader

Sophie Bociulis

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Senior School Red House Leader

Brad Stubing

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Senior School Learning & Culture Leader

Amaya Walling

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