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Year 7

Middle School (Year 7 to Year 9)

Our Middle School places great importance on the student-teacher relationship, the need for nurturing of young adolescents, their search for identity, and the integration of curriculum. Teachers work in a collegiate manner and adopt different ways of using learning spaces, student groupings and pedagogy. Teachers respond to the developmental needs of young adolescents and are prepared to use a variety of methodologies to suit varying learning styles.


Year 7 at Wirreanda Secondary School 2020

Students entering Wirreanda Secondary School at Year 7 in 2020 will join a specialised teaching and learning program designed to support students in their academic, social and emotional development. We strive for a smooth and personalised transition for each and every student.

Wirreanda Secondary School is “Ready To Go”

Wirreanda Secondary School continues to be a leader in Teaching and Learning. In 2020 all our Year 7 students have access to

  • Specialist Teachers
  • Quality Contemporary Curriculum
  • Innovative Collaborative Learning Spaces

We will ensure our Year 7 students have opportunities and experiences that

  • Raise Aspirations
  • Develop an ethic of excellence
  • Engage in authentic learning experiences that matter to the students
  • Explore beyond the classroom
  • Connect with professionals and experts in the wider community
  • Use specific core skills including collaboration, communication and critique

Our Quality Transition approaches are focused on building and supporting a profile for every learner

Wirreanda Secondary School believes the key to a successful transition from primary to secondary school is acknowledging that every young person is an individual with unique passions, skills and learning needs, which must be embraced, understood and nurtured. Getting to know each future Wirreanda Secondary School Learner on an individual basis, prior to beginning at Wirreanda Secondary School, is our ultimate goal underpinning our Transition approaches and program.


Middle School Senior Leader

Katrina Axford

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Middle School Green House Leader

Amy Newbound

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Middle School Red House Leader

Serge Minot

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Middle School Yellow House Leader

Amy Broham

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Middle School Learner Wellbeing Leader

Jessica Brodzicki

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Narelle Badenoch

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Narelle Badenoch Neals IES
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