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Year 8

At Wirreanda Secondary we recognise middle schooling as the most critical phase in the cognitive, physical and emotional development of our students. Adolescents are naturally curious about the world, with a strong sense of justice and the need to develop a sense of identity. We work hard to establish a middle school community and environment which is both challenging and nurturing. With a strong connection and partnership with families and primary schools we strive to ensure a smooth transition into secondary school, supporting students to develop resilience while establishing positive and respectful relationships. Our curriculum at Year 8 is unique and designed to build skills and understandings through an interdisciplinary approach, where the lines between subjects is blurred and students experience learning in authentic ways. For more information please see “PBL Explained” below.

Year 8 PBL Explained


Middle School Senior Leader

Katrina Axford

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Green Middle School Year Level Leader

Amy Newbound

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Yellow Middle School Year Level Leader

Briony Steele

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Red Middle School Year Level Leader

Alicia Dean

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Middle School Wellbeing Leader

Jayne Andrews

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