Canteen Duty and Volunteers at Wirreanda Wirreanda Secondary School
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Metropolitan Canteens are operating Wirreanda Secondary School’s canteen in 2024.

Lunch Purchases

The canteen will be available at the following times

10:30-10:45 Morning break

12:05-12:35 Lunch break

1:55-2:10 Afternoon break

We encourage you to use the QKR app to preorder canteen purchases. Limited items are available for direct purchase in the canteen.

Full EFTPOS facilities are available in the canteen.  

Student Volunteers

The canteen will be looking for students who would like to regularly volunteer, alongside a member of the Metropolitan Canteens team. 
If you are interested in volunteering in our canteen, please see Sarita De Lange in the Finance Office, to register your interest.

Canteen Price List

Canteen GF Price List

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