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Family Engagement

At Wirreanda Secondary School we see a child’s education as a partnership between the school, families and the local community. We place great importance on the contribution made by all of these people. We encourage their involvement and strive to develop and maintain strong community links.

Governing Council

Wirreanda Secondary School is a large, complex school community. Although it is not possible for every member in such a large organisation to be involved to the same degree with all decisions, the school’s decision-making policy allows for extensive participation of staff, students and parents in the process. Our Governing Council plays a vital role in the decision making and governance of our school.

The Wirreanda Secondary School Governing Council Incorporated is established under the DfE regulations to provide joint governance with the Principal on a number of important functions relating to the development and management of the school. The Council is composed of parent, staff and student representatives, together with the nominees of the local Member of Parliament and the City of Onkaparinga. Parent representatives are elected to the Council for a two-year term at an annual meeting of parents.

For further information about being involved in our Governing Council, please contact Robyn Manning by phone 8327 7200 or via email at 

Code of Practice

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