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Student Wellbeing

Wirreanda Secondary School aims to provide a positive and caring community by enhancing partnerships between school, family and community in order to improve the physical, emotional and social wellbeing for students. Our Learner Wellbeing Centre (LWC) provides access to allied health professionals such as GP, Psychologist and mental health services, community service consultants, youth workers, school counselling, case management and other professionals in the youth sector. It is a purpose-built space developed within the school to include reception services, consulting rooms and meeting spaces for young people and their community of care to respond to barriers that may be impacting their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual state of being – all integral to effective learning.

For further information regarding our services or support, please contact our Learner Wellbeing Centre via 8329 7202 or email us via the button below.

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If you are unsure who to access for Wellbeing and Engagement support, please see the list collated below. Neals IES
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