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Year 12

Year 12 is time characterised by stress, anxiety and decision making for not only the students, but for their families. Having a clear pathway in mind not only assists with the decision making but also helps maintain motivation through a heavy workload. However, we realise that more often than not, students do not necessarily have a determined pathway and want to keep their options open.

The Year 12 team at Wirreanda is committed to helping all students strive to achieve their SACE in their chosen subjects. The Learning Hub and the Tute Room provide a fantastic level of support throughout the school day and also in selected holiday sessions. Through our Pastoral Care program students will be assisted in transition processes to University, TAFE, Apprenticeships and the workforce.

To best assist students throughout the challenge that Year 12 presents, it’s important that students, teachers and families work together at all stages. If at any time there are concerns, please ensure that you contact staff at the school.


Senior School Year 10/11/12 Leader

Ingrid Lees

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Ingrid Lees

Senior School Green Leader

Zoe Finch

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Senior School Yellow Leader

Keegan Taylor

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Year 10/11/12 Wellbeing Leader

Lauren Buswell

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Lauren Buswell Neals IES
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